About Us

We Rescue animals from: Abuse. Extreme Neglect. Kill Shelters. Feed Lots.

We bring them to our Sanctuary and give them all the care they need. Bringing them back to health with medical treatment, food, water, shelter and most importantly: LOVE!

Once Rehabilitated, we will give all animals behavioral assessments from our expert trainers. We will then provide the training needed to give all animals their best possible chances of finding a home. Of being an amazing companion for their forever family.

We will have ongoing programs to encourage interaction between community members and our rescues.

Programs teaching Leadership. Self-awareness. Responsibility. Care and Connection. These programs are available to all.

Animals bring so much joy, and comfort into people’s lives. They have a calming presence, a healing presence. They teach us so much about ourselves, and about others. They make us better people.

The ultimate goal of our rescue, is to Save, treat, rehabilitate and love on our rescued animals, who in turn will then do the same for their adopters.

Mission Statement

Save the lives of dogs and horses in dire need. Those on death row, at risk of being either euthanized or sold at feed lots. Provide food, water, shelter, medical care, and LOVE!! Each animal will be given a behavioral assessment and then be provided with the necessary training. This training will give each animal their best possible chances of being adopted and finding their forever home.

Provide programs to connect the rescue animals and humans:

- Hikes with the dogs.

- Leadership training with the horses.

- Programs for kids and adults to teach them the responsibilities of dog/ horse ownership.

Our programs will see humans interacting with the animals, learning from them, being inspired by them, and forming deeper connections with them. Hopefully, leading to their ultimate adoption, and changing the lives of both the human and the animal for the better.

My belief is that humans don’t just rescue animals , the animals, in turn rescue the humans. The bond is unlike any other. Inspiring self-awareness, leadership, responsibility, unconditional love, and living from the heart.

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