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Norman, a three-year-old Pointer mix, is looking for is new forever home! He's about 70 pounds, loves doggy daycare, is good with kids, and has lots of energy.

Norman is healthy, up-to-date on vaccines, and has had some obedience training. He is 3 years old, about 70 lbs., a big frame, and is high energy. He is good with kids, not good with small dogs, and does well at day care. He was Pet of the Week at daycare recently, and this is what they had to say: 'As a member of our active play group, he loves to have fun and make friends with the younger Guests, since they have enough energy to keep up with him. He enjoys playing chase with the Guest Attendants, as well as getting as much attention from them as possible. This Pointer is always smiling!

Norman needs a loving, active family that will get him plenty of exercise and stimulation. Please share to help spread the word!

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