If I have a child/children can I still adopt?

This depends. We as an organization are aware that at times young children and rescue dogs don't mix. The dog you are trying to adopt may have an unknown past and will potentially be stressed when you adopt them. Mixing stressed dogs and young unaware children can be dangerous.

Each situation and dog will be assessed individually by Believe Ranch and Rescue as to whether the dog and family will be a good fit. Adoptions will be considered case by case so long as the dog doesn't have a history with aggression towards children and young adults.

Where do you adopt to?

Because our resources are very limited we as an organization can only facilitate in state adoptions at this time and within a 30 mile radius from Boulder, CO. (Some exceptions may apply). Because of our strict adoption procedures BRR can only work in a limited range from its home base.

How old do I have to be to adopt?

We ask that all applicants be over the age of 21. Nothing personal we just know that life as a young person can be terribly unstable and we want to ensure that all of our adoptive homes have the means to provide long term/forever care to their new fur baby. If you feel you are an exception to this rule your application can be reviewed by a board member. But please note these exceptions are rare.

If I submit an application on a dog I want what are my chances of getting that dog?

It's hard to say. We want only the best for our dogs and whereas each application is on a first come first serve basis we are going to work hard to make sure the dog you are applying for meets your needs and theirs. We want this to be successful and if the dog you are interested in isn't a good match then we may direct you to other dogs available. If approved we can leave you on a wait list for potential dogs in the future meeting the requirements you desire. But remember every dog needs a home and just because he/she isn't the right size, color, or breed doesn't make them a bad dog. Be open to the possibilities!

Where do your dogs come from?

The individuals that BRR offers are those in most desperate need. They are individuals who literally stared death in the face. The ones on death row, the ones moments or days away from euthanasia. Dogs who have no reason to be put down except being victims of overcrowding. BRR is doing what it can to give dogs with nothing a final chance at life!

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