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  • Grace

    This is mother Grace she is a 14 hand, 16 years old quarter horse. She is the mother to filly Angel. She has a very shy soft temperament and is very good around other horses.

    Grace is a very sound and currently in training to be the perfect riding horse.

  • Angel

    Meet Angel, born October 2017, a gorgeous quarter horse filly. She is very outgoing and extremely friendly. She is a very quick learner and loves being affectionate, she is currently walking on halter and learning to lunge.

  • Uncle

    Uncle” is a 15 hand, 17-year-old quarter horse. He is extremely friendly and loves being in your pocket. He is gentle, calm, and plays well with others. He loves protecting filly Angel, is very affectionate, and loves attention from humans!

    He is perfectly suited for light trail, beginner to intermediate rider.

  • Tank

    Meet our 14 hand, 14-year-old quarter horse, Tank. He is very placid and an extremely gentle soul. He is very sound and the perfect light trail beginner/child riding horse.

  • Half Pint
    Half Pint

Interested in adopting one of our horses?

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