Believe Ranch and Rescue is currently home to three beautiful Equine Coaches. Two rescued from dire Circumstances yet proving to not only themselves but everyone around them that they are still Valued Members of Society. In time Believe Ranch and rescue will have a list of horses that have been evaluated rehabilitated and available for adoption. Until then its resident herd is here to help, educate, teach and heal.

Horses Available for Adoption

Equine Adoption Application

Corinne Schindler

Adoption Co-ordinator/ Head Equine Trainer 

Corinne Schindler has spent her adult life and career devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses. Over the course of her career she has educated herself in various disciplines and horsemanship techniques, in order to develop the skills to work with horses from all backgrounds. Although her foundational approach is primarily Natural Horsemanship, Corinne enjoys learning all things horses whenever possible!

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