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Having been rescued from an abusive situation in New Mexico at only one year old Savannah was as wild as they come. Having known only fear and torture from her human handlers Savannah bears a scar on her flank where humans carved a brand with a hot searing knife. Her fear of people ran deep and after years of rehabilitation and training Savannah was Adopted by Siri Lindley ( Believe Ranch and rescue President) in 2016. Together they embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. They learn from one another each and every day as Savannah teaches her human family what it means to be an authentic partner and her family teaches her that people can be kind and loving. Today they are working hard to bring awareness, empowerment and education to those seeking it. Savannah is an incredible coach and athlete when it comes to helping individuals find their own leader within.


This beautiful blonde bombshell was once not as happy go lucky as you see her today. As a young horse she was overworked and overused as man saw in her a potential they wanted to exploit. Because of this she was injured and unable to be ridden. Those injuries paved the way for Cass to find statuary at a loal horse rescue. During that same time Siri Lindley was going through the process of adopting her horse Savannah. As Siri and her Wife Rebekah Keat (co president of Believe Ranch and Rescue) often visited the rescue frequently they couldn't help but fall in love with the adorable golden mare. Cass worked her way into their hearts as easy as breathing and continues to provide a selfless love to her human family. Cass is an incredible coach when it comes to working with individuals in need of gaining confidence. Her gentle guidance has been a tremendous asset to the programs offered here at Believe Ranch and rescue.

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