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This is mother Grace she is a 16 years old quarter horse. She is the mother to filly Angel. She has a very shy soft temperament and is very good around other horses. Grace loves being shown affection once she trusts her human connection.


Meet Angel, a gorgeous quarter horse filly. She is very outgoing and extremely friendly! She is a very quick learner and loves being affectionate and playing with other horses and people!


This is 17-year-old quarter "Uncle". He is extremely friendly and loves being in your pocket. He is gentle and calm and plays well with others! He loves protecting filly Angel He is very affectionate and loves attention from humans! Once you have gained his trust he will be a lifetime companion.


This is our 14 year old quarter horse Tank aptly re-named as "Spirit". He is very placid and an extremely gentle soul. He is a leader who is in charge but leads by example and the love not by fear. He loves everybody!

Spirit and Uncle

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