Horses Rescued

  • Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster re homed to Journey with Equus

  • UNO

    Uno re homed with Heido Tufto

  • Thostle

    Thostle re homed to Drifters Hearts of Hope

  • Uroshi

    Uroshi re homed to Happy Haven Farm and Sanctuary

  • Ugh

    Ugh re homed to Old McDonald Farm and Sanctuary

  • Vision

    Vision re homed with Heido Tufto

  • Tally

    Tally re homed to Hooved Companions

  • Go Te Lynn

    Go Te Lynn re homed to Old Mcdonald Barn Yard Rescue




Rescued Horses


UNO safe at his forever home


Vision safe at her forever home!!



We found Thostle a home at the Drifters Hearts of Hope rescue.



GoTe Lynn

We rescued GoTe Lynn a 25 year old pregnant mare from the feedlots . We found her a home at the Old Mcdonald rescue and Nicole bell Henderson.




Ugh was also rescued by BRNR and will also land his feet at old Mcdonald farm.





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