We are looking for investors in developing our ranch. Whether you are eager to invest money, time, or your expertise. All will help us make this dream a reality.

Step 1: Sirius Athletes will be expanding the reach of it’s Wellness and Empowerment Retreats to build enough income to develop the Rescue into a physical reality. Sirius athletes expects this will take anywhere from 3-5 years.

Step 2: purchase a suitable property. one that fits all the goals of the foundation, and will allow us to run a safe, beautiful ranch to best optimize the experience of the animals, volunteers, and potential adopters.

Step 3: Make land ready for the animals. For this we will enlist as much help as we can, for instance:

  • Contractors needed to help with building the barns, stalls, and shelters.
  • Landscapers needed to make land safe and grass healthy for the horses in the pasture.
  • Veterinary care needed.
  • Grooming care needed
  • Donations of Hay. Grain and shavings for the horses.
  • Donations of dog food, blankets, toys and other comforts, for the dogs.
    • Donations of blankets and buckets and food troughs for the horses.
    • Put into place behavioral assessment team, and dog and horse trainers.


Step 4: Put into place volunteers to begin our “search and rescue” operations and be ready to provide the full care, and training necessary once at the ranch.

Step 5: Have a vibrant fundraising effort always active through:

5km/10km walk/run races all proceeds go to the rescue.

Website promotion: invite people to the ranch to meet the animals and connect with them through classes or activities.

  • PROGRAM Implementation: Education. Leadership. Therapy. CARE.
  • Thrift store: triathlon equipment, sporting equipment, all donations. 100% proceeds go to the animals.

Step 6: continue to Form a very strong volunteer base. Ensure enough man/woman power to give the best care possible to all the animals and ensure that we run this ranch with the utmost care, love, safety, and success.

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