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Siri Lindley and Rebekah Keat in conjunction with Zenerjen present “Horse Power retreat” at Believe Ranch and Rescue…


* This is an exclusive event with a group of individuals who want to create a lasting change in their lives

October 26-29th

This Event is For You if…

  • You are looking to find your way home to your truth
  • You are wanting to take your relationships to the highest levels.
  • You are interested in creating long lasting habits that will improve your health, fitness and vitality for life.
  • You want to shed light on all that drives you and all that holds you back.

When You Attend This Event You Will:


What a 1200 pound animal that doesn’t speak English can teach you about yourself and your relationships, building rapport and how to maintain it.


A rare opportunity to connect with horses, yourself and others and have an extraordinary experience.


An INTERACTIVE experience with horses and people to learn about how you can best communicate and relate to others.


Create everlasting change for the ultimate YOU, spiritually, physically and emotionally with incredible levels of vitality.


Connect even deeper with your inner truth and deepest desires for living your most fulfilling life.

About the Event

Date & Venue

October 26-29th 2018

Welcome dinner Friday 26th October 6pm (optional)

Retreat starts 7am Saturday 27th October and ends 3pm Monday 29th October.

Believe Ranch and Rescue, Longmont, Colorado

Travel and Accommodation

Airport: Denver Aiport


Within 5 miles: Niwot Inn.

Within 7 miles: Hampton Inn.

Other options in the Longmont area on Trip Advisor.

Boulder area within 10 miles: St Julien 5 star Boutique Hotel


Price includes all lunches, dinners and all snacks drinks etc. (Airfares and accommodation not included)

$4995 early bird price (before September 1st)
$5995 after September 1st

Pay in full or 50% deposit to hold your spot


Siri Lindley

Siri will be leading group empowerment sessions. Recognizing what is getting in the way of your happiness, success or fulfilment? Tap into all the beauty and greatness within and see your life transform in the most beautiful ways. You will leave being the fearlessly authentic leader for your own lives so you can then effectively lead others!

Rebekah Keat

Bek will take you through her world-class exercise and eating philosophies built over 25 years as a professional athlete and coach. You will experience some of her epic workouts, and understand the importance of functional food when it comes to your fitness, health and overall vitality! Bek will lead you through the regime both her and Siri use with their world champion athletes. This will empower you to get the results you always wanted and maintain a stronger, healthier and fitter YOU!


Jen Zoë will take you on a unique journey to truth through horses. Discover the meaning behind their behaviour as they mirror the way you show up in life and how their message relates to you specifically. Through the Zenerjen method, one of the horses will ‘choose’ you to give you a gift, lesson or message about yourself. You will understand how to communicate energetically, use natural focus and understand the why of behaviour with these sensitive animals. You will get the keys to a stronger bond in your relationships not just with horses, but with yourself, your peers and the people you love and care about.

Your Hosts for the Event


Owner and head coach of Sirius Athlete’s over the last 15 years, coaching athletes to multiple world championship titles and Olympic medals! Siri has proven to be the worlds leading female coach in the sport of triathlon. As an athlete, Siri didn’t learn how to swim until she was 23 years old eight years later took herself to become the Triathlon World Champion and world no.1.Siri retired in 2002 at no.1 on the world to take on her ultimate dream of coaching others to achieving their dreams!

Siri speaks around the world for Tony Robbins and Keppler Speakers and is the author of her own book “Surfacing”.


Bek is a past 3x national champion, Jnr world champion, 6x Iron Distance Champion & was ranked world no.1 in 2009 for long distance triathlon. Founder of one of the world’s number one Tri Cub’s – Team Sirius Tri Club and Co-founder of Believe Ranch and Rescue. Bek’s background is in exercise science and sports nutrition. Bek walks, lives and breathes fitness and a healthy lifestyle! Through Bek, you will learn how to harness the highest level of vitality, through exercise, healthy eating and a positive attitude!


Jen Zoë is the owner and founder of Zenerjen a sanctuary for rescued horses and center for transformational personal development. With 13 years experience with understanding equine behaviour and almost a decade in the world of personal development, Jen Zoë has helped hundreds of horses and humans discover their truth and passion through the Zenerjen method. She inspires life changes in people with a completely unique experience with horses.

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