Small Choices and Believe Ranch & Rescue

are partnering to present

“Horses Healing Humans”

Allow horses to help you overcome challenges in your thriver journey

April 1, 2023, 11am – 1pm
**All participants must be 16+.**

(Note: This will be all on ground work, no riding skills needed.)

About the Event

This event is in conjunction with Kate Poppet & Small Choices Charity which supports cancer patients and their care givers.
This event will focus on the therapeutic benefits of our rescue horses, showcasing their beauty and healing powers!

The program gives our horses the opportunity to touch the lives of humans in need and leaves an impression that will last a lifetime.

This experience is so powerful for those going through such stressful times with a cancer diagnosis or anyone going through treatment or post treatment.

You will learn so much about yourself and the energy you bring into different parts of your life. You will leave feeling calm, centered, grounded and with greater clarity and self-awareness.

***Please Note: Due to the intimate nature of this event all participants must be 16+ yrs of age.

The founders of Believe Ranch & Rescue, Bek Keat & Siri Lindley want to give back to this incredible community!

Siri herself is a survivor and thriver of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and wants you to experience the same incredible benefits and healing powers of their rescue horses that she had the pleasure to experience! Horses were a huge part of Siri’s survival and thriving through Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
YOU too deserve to experience the healing powers they embody!


About your facilitator

Siri Lindley is passionate about horses, life and helping people be the best they can be!  She is not only a co-founder of Believe Ranch and Rescue, but is also a sought after motivational speaker, a former world champion triathlete, and is thriving after being diagnosed with an advanced case of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and undergoing a bone marrow transplant in 2020.  Siri’s energy and passion are palpable, and you will find yourself feeding off of her enthusiasm for these healing rescue horses..


Dates & Venue

April 1, 2023, 11 am – 1 pm

Believe Ranch and Rescue, Longmont, Colorado

For more information please contact Rebekah Keat at

Travel and Accommodation Info

Accommodation NOT included in cost of event

Airport: Denver Aiport


Within 5 miles: Niwot Inn.

Within 7 miles: Hampton Inn.

Other options in the Longmont area on Trip Advisor.

Boulder area within 10 miles: St Julien 5 star Boutique Hotel

Hosted at Believe Ranch and Rescue by the founders Siri & Bek


Founder -Believe Ranch and Rescue 501c3 and Horses In Our Hands 501c4
Former 2x World Champion
Coach to 8 x World Championship Titles & 2 Olympic Medals
Keppler -Key Note Speaker
Tony Robbins -Facilitator / Speaker

What was your inspiration for working with horses? Horses are my passion and saving their beautiful lives has been my mission for many years now. My wife and I finally decided to make our dream of saving horses come true in 2018 when we opened Believe Ranch & Rescue in Longmont, Colorado.

What did you do prior to this? I dedicated my life to becoming a world-champion triathlete. After retiring, I transitioned into coaching, as well as international speaking engagements.

What’s your favorite horse-related memory? Doing a 50-mile endurance trail race with my amazing horse Savannah, just 3 months after rescuing and learning to ride her.

What do you enjoy doing after hours? Spending time with horses in nature and appreciating this amazing gift of life.


Founder -Horses In Our Hands 501c4 and Believe Ranch and Rescue 501c3
2x time World Junior Triathlon Champion
Former World Record and World No.1
3 x National Triathlon Champion
Founder -Team Sirius Tri Club

What inspired you to work with horses? My desire is to leave a legacy of positive impact on both humans and animals. My connection to animals as a young child was undeniable. Their innocence, and willingness to trust and love unconditionally is something all humans should aspire to!

What did you do in your prior life? I kept myself busy achieving things like: 6-time Iron Distance Champion, 6th fastest time in Iron distance history, 5-time sub-9 hour finishes at Iron Distance, earning over 25 Half-Iron Distance wins, and co-founding Team Sirius Tri Club and Believe Ranch & Rescue with my incredible wife, Siri Lindley.

How about a favorite horse-related memory? Saving our first horses from the slaughter pipeline. That day, I knew I might not be able to make an immediate impact on the thousands of horses shipped to slaughter, but I did know that I was making an immediate impact on the life of the one horse that I was able to save. I had a feeling that one day, we would make a real difference in millions of lives!

For more information please contact Rebekah Keat at

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