Programs Beyond Rescue, Rehabilitate & Re-home

We host ongoing programs to encourage interaction between community members and our lovely rescues.

We recognize the therapeutic nature of these beautiful animals and their relevance to human healing. These beautiful souls can teach humans how to become the fearless leaders of their own lives. Helping people come “home” to their most beautiful and powerful truth so that they can not only SHINE in their own lives but encourage all those around them to do the same.

Our programs seek to teach and inspire:

  • Leadership

  • Self-Awareness

  • Responsibility

  • Care

  • Connection


This event is hosted 4x a year at Believe Ranch and Rescue, and is designed to provide each attendee with the knowledge and skill to make a deep, loving and lasting connection with their equine partner.  This goes far beyond a simple rider and mount connection, and allows you and your equine partner to solidify and deepen your trust and authenticity with each other.

Animals bring so much joy into people’s lives. Horses – in particular – have a unique calming and healing presence, and can teach us so much about ourselves and about others. By caring for them, we learn how to become more compassionate. We learn how to love fully. And we learn how to be better people overall.

You may choose to attend with your own horse, or may ‘borrow’ one of the rescues currently in residence at the Ranch.

Video and Photos from Connection & Communication Clinic August 2020


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This program provides our dear rescue equines the opportunity to collaborate with Wild At Heart to provide support and healing for humans.

Attendees will discover how horses have and continue to, support humans and help them overcome the impact of trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, life threatening illnesses as well as many other challenges we all face in our lives. Our horses will help you feel empowered, confident and energized to fulfill your dreams, while assisting you in recognizing what is hindering you from moving forward in your life.

When you pair animals and humans together,
something powerful happens.