GracieQuarter Horse Mare

    Name: Gracie
    Breed: Quarter Horse
    Age: 16
    Height: 14.2hh
    Gender: Mare

    This beautiful little mare is as sweet as they come. She is very respectful on the ground and has impeccable ground manners. She stands quietly for tacking and grooming (she loves a good grooming) and picks up all 4 feet well.
    Gracie spent many years as a broodmare, but has proven herself to be a great riding mount. Under saddle, she has a nice walk, trot, and lope both directions and naturally carries herself very level-headed. She stops on whoa, sidepasses both ways, and will neck rein or direct rein. Gracie prefers to be ridden in a hackamore, but will also ride in a snaffle or curb bit. She has been taken out on the trails alone and with others, and is not spooky or barn sour. She would be best fitted for an intermediate rider or above, as she can be forward moving.

    Ailments/Limitations: Gracie does have an old injury on her back left hock and moves with a little hitch in her step because of it. Due to the old injury, she most likely wouldn’t be a candidate for a hard working performance horse, but would be good for trail/playday type riding.

    Adoption Fee: $1100

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