KingPaint Quarter Horse or QH Cross Gelding

    Name:   King
    Breed and Color:   Paint Quarter Horse or QH Cross
    Age:   20
    Height:   14.3 hh
    Gender:   Gelding

    When Believe receives a direct call to ask for help with a rescue, you know it’s an urgent matter! We are so glad we always answer those calls and that we were able to save handsome King. His background is a bit of a mystery, but it seems that this guy might have a touch of draft blood in him due to his pretty feathering and stockier, uphill build. He also looks to have been lucky in his previous life and was well cared for and properly broken in. King is a smart guy under saddle and displays some advanced knowledge in his ability to collect his gaits and to be forward without needing to be held back. He can rein directly or by neck, has a flowy walk, trot, and canter in both directions, and has a good stop and reverse. At Believe, King is primarily ridden in a simple snaffle bit but can also be ridden one-handed in a shank snaffle bit. In both, he is a very responsive horse and it does not take much to get him going. He is currently working with our trainer on transitions and departures in a relaxed manner in the arena. This boy’s eagerness to please means he is quite intuitive and sensitive to what is wanted of him, but also means he can anticipate cues on occasion. King has a working man’s attitude and is happy to work on anything. His trainer thinks he would make a good lesson horse with his aptitude for patterns and obstacles or a trail riding partner since he is happy to lead the way on the trail alone or with others. 

    This lion-hearted gent is living with a beautiful group of ladies and enjoys his role as their gentle protector. However, this personality trait seems to stem more from his role as King of the herd than from any sort of “stallion lite” mentality. That said, he would likely do best living with either all mares or all geldings versus residing in a mixed herd. King is a sweetie and does well with the vet and farrier. 

    King is up-to-date on vaccines, worming, teeth float, farrier, and vetting.

    Recommended Rider:   Suitable for Intermediate or higher riders who have a secure and confident seat. This happy, well-behaved boy has a spring in his step and is a bit of a bouncier ride than others. He also relies a bit more on his rider for guidance and corrections than a Beginner horse would.

    Adoption Requirements:   None. King is a nice, relatively quiet guy who connects with his herd and enjoys their companionship. He currently does not have a strong bond with any particular horse in his group, though, so he is happy to be adopted out alone.

    Ailments/Limitations:   None. King is in great shape and doesn’t seem to have any indicators of previous injuries. However, he wouldn’t be recommended for high-impact work due to his age. 


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