LuckyGray Quarter Horse or QH Cross Gelding

    Name:   Lucky
    Breed and Color:   Gray Quarter Horse or QH Cross
    Age:   12
    Height:   15.1 hh
    Gender:   Gelding

    After being shuffled around in two auctions, this sweet boy caught his lucky break towards the end of 2021 and found a safe landing in rescue. Appropriately named Lucky, he looks to have had a talent as a roping horse in his past life but unfortunately found himself treated as more of a tool of the trade than the soulful creature he is. He wound up severely underweight, in pain from ringbone, and still being pushed to compete. Now at Believe, Lucky has had a chance to breathe and just be a horse again. The combination of love, rest, and proper care has done wonders for this handsome gray; he is gaining weight, making friends, and is comfortable enough to enjoy light work in the arena. He has good ground manners and, with the correct physical care, our trainer thinks he could have a future in liberty work or as a walking-only lesson horse for a light rider. Despite his ringbone, Lucky isn’t lame and is hoping to find a loving home with the perfect balance of light work and relaxation. 

    In the pasture, Lucky hasn’t aggravated his condition and is one of the first horses at the gate. He is currently hanging out with both geldings and mares and doing well with all of them. He’s on the higher end of the herd hierarchy but isn’t a jerk about it. When it comes to people, Lucky can be a bit shy, especially when being haltered by those he doesn’t know. But he is still a friendly boy and even does great with the vet and farrier. 

    Lucky is up-to-date on vaccines, worming, teeth float, farrier, and vetting.

    Recommended Rider:  Suitable for an Intermediate rider who is comfortable working with sensitive and nervous horses. Lucky needs a petite rider who is 100 lbs or less and understands his need for a restricted workload due to his condition.

    Adoption Requirements:   Lucky’s best buddy is a big riding gelding named Spartacus. Because of their bond, they need to be adopted together.

    Ailments/Limitations:  Lucky has ringbone in both front legs and requires proper care and a limited workload to help manage this condition. He also has a history of being extremely underweight and, though he has gained a healthy amount while with Believe, he is still working towards his goal weight. 


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