NessieQuarter Horse Mare

    Name:   Nessie
    Breed:   Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred
    Age:   20
    Height:   15
    Gender:   Mare

    Nessie is our sweet quiet quarter horse with definitely some thoroughbred in her with her beautiful long legs! Nessie would be an ideal companion or buddy horse having some limitations with her knees and not being fully sound.  She was also raced and ridden previously and is now happily retired.  Nessie is more introverted and definitely lower on the hierarchy.  She has a best buddy Judy and fits in beautifully with any horses she is with. She is very quiet a little shy and extremely loyal and loving. Ness loves affection when it comes to the horse human connection.  Up to date on Teeth float, Farrier, Vaccines & Worming.

    Ailments/Limitations:   Not suitable for riding, due to bad front knees.

    Adoption Fee:   $1500


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