RebaChestnut Quarter Horse or QH Cross Mare

    Name:   Reba
    Breed and Color:   Chestnut Quarter Horse
    Age:   16
    Height:   15 hh
    Gender:   Mare

    Meet our own little mermaid, complete with flowing red(dish brown) hair! We have a couple horses on hand that were likely seahorses in their past lives, and Miss Reba is one of them. Though she can be a bit sassy, a smidge stubborn, and a bit standoffish when the mood strikes her, bringing water into the situation is almost sure to make her light up. She even loves baths and grooming – a true girly-girl with a penchant for spa days. When she’s not playing in spray or being pampered, Reba is enjoying retired life and careful care due to the severe laminitis in her front feet. We’re devastated that this beautiful mare, who boasts good bloodlines and conformation, has had her riding career cut short by this condition. However, we are happy to be helping her find a joyful and comfortable life filled with as much excitement as she can handle. Our trainer actually thinks that Reba would thrive with some variety in her life, including more swims and some dabbling in liberty or trick training. 

    Perhaps because of the discomfort caused by her feet, Reba is a little bit introverted and needs to get to know people before she connects with them. She can come off as mare-ish and opinionated at times but is secretly very sweet with very little bite to her bark. Because of this, she isn’t necessarily the star student for the vet or farrier, but she is far from being the worst. With horses, Reba would likely do well housing with nearly any mix. She’s currently hanging out with geldings and mares and floats around the low-middle ranks. 

    Reba is up-to-date on vaccines, worming, teeth float, farrier, and vetting.

    Recommended Rider:  Because of her severe laminitis and rotated coffin bone, Reba is retired from riding. However, she does like to keep busy and enjoys swimming, baths and grooming, and learning tricks. She would love to find a retirement home where she can be spoiled as a fun little hobby companion. 

    Adoption Requirements:   None. Reba is a likeable gal and gets along well with the other horses in her herd. However, she is a pretty independent lady and is therefore happy to be adopted out alone.

    Ailments/Limitations:  Reba has severe laminitis in her front two feet and one of her coffin bones is slightly rotated. To manage her discomfort, we have used a combination of wearing therapeutic boots, utilizing corrective farrier work, and avoiding rocky or overly hard terrain. She also enjoys an occasional break from shoes and is currently barefoot. Reba is fine to be in a full pasture but could need her movement temporarily restricted a bit more if she experiences a flare-up of her condition. 

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