Name: Angel
    Breed: Quarter Horse
    Age: 1.5
    Height: 13hh (should mature to 14.3hh)
    Gender: Filly

    Angel is the daughter of our mare Gracie, and was born at the feed lot. She has been handled practically since birth, and loves people more than other horses. Despite being a year and a half old, she has had all ground work done. She ties, loads, lunges, stops on whoa, is good with her feet, and respectful on the leadrope. She has even been started on laying down on command and is a quick learner! This girl is inquisitive and fearless with a very puppy-dog type personality.
    Angel would be an ideal candidate for someones first project, or is built well enough for someone looking for a performance horse. She has the ability to go any direction, just needs some time to grow up. She will be a dutiful partner and has unlimited potential.

    Ailments/Limitations: Caught in wire as a weanling on both hocks, only a blemish and completely sound.

    Adoption Fee: $950

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