Burt and ErnieBonded Belgian Draft Geldings

    Name: Burt and Ernie
    Breed: Belgian Draft Horses
    Age: 16 and 18
    Height: 17.2hh
    Gender: Geldings

    These kind, gentle giants were used as pulling horses on a ranch. They have spent many years putting in hard work and are due for some much needed TLC. These boys are bonded and will be adopted as a pair. Both are very gentle on the ground and enjoy being groomed.
    Burt: Burt requires a calm and patient hand. He is very sweet, but prefers to have interaction with humans on his own terms. After being worked so hard for so long, Burt needs someone willing to put in the time to regain his trust in humans. Eventually, he will be a great companion who will be bonded to his human partner.
    Ernie: Ernie is the friendlier of the two geldings and enjoys being handled and groomed. Funny enough, Ernie is a bit more camera shy than his buddy Burt.

    Ailments/Limitations: Burt sustained a cut to his back left leg from being caught in wire fencing, but is sound and healing nicely. Only Ernie is suitable for light riding by a child or small adult.

    Adoption Fee: $2500

    Videos Available: https://youtu.be/hebLNus8p60



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