Grandma (Cheetah)

    Name: Grandma
    Breed: Registered Paint Horse
    Age: 32
    Height: 14.2hh
    Gender: Mare

    This old gal has had quite a life. She came to Believe Ranch emaciated and exhausted, but now she is fat and healthy, loves her treats and cantering alongside our other horses. Grandma most likely spent her years as a broodmare and now she is happily spending her days sunbathing. Grandma gets along well with all other horses and is extremely sweet. She would be a great companion for another horse, or a lead-line horse for children, as she has regained her health and vigor!

    Ailments/Limitations: Due to old age and protecting her joints, she is only suitable for walk/trot work with children

    Adoption Fee: $600

    Videos Available: