Believe Ranch and Rescue is a nonprofit that rescues horses from auction and feed lots - replacing a life of neglect with a life of deep connection with loving families.
Horses are corralled, treated inhumanely, and sold on auction for slaughter to be made into meat. We believe horses deserve to live a full and loving life.

Who We Are

We rescue horses from abuse and neglect giving them love, medical care, training and a second chance they so deserve. Restoring their love and trust in humankind, and finding them safe, loving and permanent forever homes. These rescue horses then go on to transform the lives of their adoptive families.

Help Zelda To Walk Pain-Free!

Zelda has a crippled leg, a broken fetlock bone that had been left untreated for several years. This has left Zelda crippled and struggling to walk on her front left leg. Zelda is in high spirits and such a zest for life!

She is so full of life and energy for someone that is been through so much trauma. Bek and  Siri are raising funds to be able to give her surgery, so she can have the best possible to chance to walk normally again and to walk pain-free.

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The quickest way to give to help save an animal right now is to make a donation. Donations are used to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home horses, and also helps us maintain and expand the ranch that acts a sanctuary for the animals.

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