Gertie (Adopted)Chestnut Quarter Horse or QH Cross Mare

    Name:   Gertie
    Breed and Color:   Chestnut Quarter Horse or QH Cross
    Age:   16
    Height:   14.3 hh
    Gender:   Mare

    A soft eye, a shiny brown coat, and a notched diamond on her forehead are the candy coating to this sweet and sensitive soul! Little Gertie is another auction rescue that found herself a safe landing with Believe Ranch & Rescue in mid-2021. Since arriving, Gertie has become a favorite of our trainer and is at the top of her secret “Who I would Adopt First” list; of course, all of us here have one! She is a talented riding horse that is light and responsive, knows how to collect, reins direct and by neck, and has a solid walk, trot, and canter. Gertie is also good on the ground and trails! She is sensitive and quick to respond, meaning a bosal, hackamore, or bitless bridle is enough to get her going. Like an unfortunately high number of our rescues, though, Gertie has a little bit of a traumatic past that she is working to overcome. Her primary focus in her training at Believe is relaxing and working to trust her rider. Because of this, she would do best working with a small number of riders. This sweet chestnut is also ear shy, can be jumpy with things sliding over her ears or touching her front legs, and isn’t a fan of ropes, so we’re working on building up her confidence around those things! Though a bit reactionary at times, Gertie can often be settled back down and brought back to a working frame of mind quite quickly. 

    In her free time, Gertie enjoys spending time with her main man Bambam and BFF Pebbles (our beautiful, blue-eyed roan mare) and munching on hay with her mixed herd of Believe residents. She’s a peaceful girl and floats around the middle rankings, never causing much of a fuss. Her sweet and quiet nature makes her good with the farrier and vet, and trailering doesn’t cause her much bother, either! 

    Gertie is up-to-date on vaccines, worming, teeth float, farrier, and vetting.

    Recommended Rider:  Suitable for an Advanced rider or Trainer that is confident working with shy, sensitive horses. Gertie displays some anxiety around her ears and front legs and can be a little reactionary at times, so she’ll need a leader to help her work through these worries. A slow, intentional rider will be the perfect partner for this quick-to-respond ride.

    Adoption Requirements:   The love of Gertie’s life is a stocky riding gelding named Bambam. Because of their bond, we would love to see them adopted together.

    Ailments/Limitations:  None. Gertie is slightly toed out but otherwise has great conformation and a strong, lean build. She has had no issues with soundness and is a healthy gal! 


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