JPQuarter Horse Gelding

    Name:   JP
    Breed and Color:   Red Dun Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred Cross
    Age:   18
    Height:   16.1 hh
    Gender:   Gelding

    They don’t come much easier than the tall drink of water that is JP. This big guy is reliable, intuitive, and the best kind of “get on and go” that you’ll find in a horse. He enjoys his work but doesn’t need regular riding and he has a good amount of energy without being too high-strung. JP also has a funny, laid-back personality in the pasture and when not working. But plop a saddle on him and this superstar is all business. His trainer says he has smooth, beautiful gaits, demonstrates the perfect level of responsiveness, and provides one of the most comfortable rides on the ranch. JP can neck rein, direct rein, and is happy to ride English or Western. He’s an angel with a bit or without and is also a great listener with just a halter and lead rope. And if you really want to be wowed? Try him bare-faced with a neck rope! In other words, this boy is just plain fun to ride and he’ll be a dream partner for darn near any rider. 

    Since his rescue, JP has been living outdoors with a shelter and is happy being mixed with mares and geldings. His herd has a few dominant personalities in it and he is still holding his own in the upper levels without being a jerk. He is a relatively easy keeper but does need extra flakes and grain during the winter to help him hold weight on his big frame. A friendly guy, JP is one of the first at the gate and he does well for the farrier and, most of the time, the vet. He is a smidge of a wimp with vaccines but is quick to forgive and forget with those! 

    JP is up-to-date on vaccines, worming, teeth float, farrier, and vetting.

    Recommended Rider:   Suitable for all levels of riders, including kids who aren’t intimidated by a tall horse. Our trainer notes that he would be a great lesson horse for beginners. And, being a leggy lad, JP can support a larger rider up to 250 lbs.

    Adoption Requirements:   None. JP is a friendly boy and loves leading the way in his current herd of five rescues. With two pairs of strongly bonded horses in the group, JP is currently the odd man out and seems to be perfectly fine with that arrangement. Because of this, he may be adopted out alone.

    Ailments/Limitations:   None. JP does have a cleft lip but it does not cause him any health issues. It just adds cute character to his handsome face! He also has feet that look a little small but they are solid and sound. He seems to have no evidence of previous injuries or physical limitations but isn’t recommended for high-impact work. 


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