TutuGrulla/Morgan or Grulla/Mustang Cross Mare

    Name:   Tutu
    Breed and Color:   Grulla/Morgan or Grulla/Mustang Cross
    Age:   15
    Height:   13.2 hh
    Gender:   Mare

    Tutu might just be a living cupcake… She’s little, she’s sweet, and she is just too cute to handle! Then add to that her gentle and mellow personality and this girl really takes the cake. This stunning little grulla was rescued from auction later in 2021, so our team has had a chance to spend a good amount of time working with her. During this time, our trainer has been happily surprised by how well Tutu performs under saddle. She is easy to handle, works with neck rein or direct rein, and is more “woah” than “go.” Her groundwork is a little rusty, so it seems that whoever started her perhaps skipped over that and went straight to saddle. It isn’t hard to imagine that refreshing her groundwork will just make her that much more wonderful! It would likely help build her confidence, too, and help her bond with her new rider, which would be a great benefit to this honey of a girl. Tutu can be a little nervous at times but gravitates more towards avoiding things or being wary than being spooky. She likes to connect with and trust her people, and we can attest that investing that time in her is oh so worth it. She dreams of being the perfect casual hobby horse and treasured family member in her new home. 

    When she isn’t impressing us during training sessions, Tutu is making our lives a breeze by being an easy keeper. She seems to gain weight pretty easily and is doing well without regular grain in one of our outdoor paddocks with a small shelter. She doesn’t have much of a mare attitude and her kind nature means she is currently the lowest ranking member of her mixed herd. Tutu is okay around the ranch dogs but is a little nervous with our vet and farrier. However, she doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body and behaves well with some reassuring pets (and maybe a few tasty treats). 

    Tutu is up-to-date on vaccines, worming, teeth float, farrier, and vetting.

    Recommended Rider:   Suitable for Beginner or Intermediate riders, including kids if supervised or under instruction. Tutu would benefit from working with a smaller group of riders that she can get to know and trust. She is also a petite gal and needs a rider that is 150 lbs or less.

    Adoption Requirements:   Tutu’s best buddy is a young riding mare named Ruby. Because of their bond, they need to be adopted together.

    Ailments/Limitations:   Tutu has a slight bulge in one of her eyes but has no vision issues. Her eyes have been checked thoroughly by our vets and they have determined that there are currently no underlying issues; the slight swelling may be left over from a previously healed injury or infection. Tutu is also slightly turned out and has soft soles, so she will need boots or shoes for regular riding.


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